May 2004 - Okay folks, looks like radio@netscape has made another radical shift towards Windows-only compliance. The URL we're using to access their stream URLs is no longer working and will require some sleuthing to fix. If anyone out there wants to muck around with the spinner web pages to find the new dynamic address to send a channel number to, I'd appreciate it. (Note: You'll need to send a user-agent belonging to Windows <grrrrr> or they bounce you to some stupid we <heart> Windows page.)

So, download away but it's going to segfault.


What is gSpinner?

gSpinner is a simple program that allows users of non-Windows operating systems to access the streams available from (which recently rebranded itself as

It's best described as a hack, since it relies upon trplayer and RealPlayer to play music, and does little other than emulate the spinner lite interface to retrieve track information. But on the plus side, it doesn't require the footprint of a browser and java.

Who's responsible for gSpinner?

gSpinner is currently being maintained by Pratik Dave who you can mail at

It was originally conceived and authored by Jeremy Latt (jlatt at faceprint dot com).

Where do I get gSpinner?

The latest version is 2.4 which fixes a few bugs.

NameDescriptionDate of Release
gspinner-2.4.tar.gzWorking againFeb 2004
gspinner-2.3.tar.gzAutoconf script provided, bug fixesMay 2003
gspinner-2.2.tar.gzrequires GTK+-2.0 to fix a bugMay 2003
gspinner-2.1.tar.gzUpdated channel/genre listingMay 2003
gspinner-2.0.tar.gzLast Release by JeremyAugust 2002
gspinner-1.0.tar.gzApril 2001
gspinner-1.0beta1.tar.gzApril 2001
gspinner-0.2.tar.gzMarch 2001
gspinner-0.1.tar.gzInitial ReleaseFebruary 2001

What do I need to run gSpinner?

Quite a lot actually...

You'll need a recent (version 7 or greater) version of RealPlayer: The Unix Version is available here

As well as the command line interface to RealPlayer: TrPlayer

And the CURL lib for fetching web pages: libcurl

I'm investigating integration of some of the RealPlayer features from the SDK into gSpinner directly to avoid the footprint of calling out to trplayer.